About Us

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is an innovative approach allowing thoughts and ideas to mark themselves as architecture, space and objects in the physical world. It makes use of mathematics and science, knowledge of materials and allows us to determine the stress capacities that physical objects should tolerate. The knowledge of the strength of materials helps us determine sizes and thicknesses in order to transform a design image into a realistic structure.

These skills are essential to carry out the work we do. However, we believe that good engineering reaches much further than this and it is this philosophy that differentiates. To describe ourselves and our approach succinctly, we have come up with two adjectives;


We succeed with the small and the extra large, with the complex and the simple. The reason behind this success is only one approach, the search for excellence, and it is applied to all our projects.


To get an excellent product, one that works and that is delivered on time and on budget, requires more than just competence. If you have worked with us you will know how passionate we can be. We do it because we love it.

Meet The Team

Eleni Kapsali

MSc BEng(HONS) Structural Engineer

Lukasz Pastusiak

Structural Engineer